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Thread: NZ & Restorative Justice

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    Default NZ & Restorative Justice

    New Zealand has a strong tradition of being a world leader in the practice of restorative justice ... I was moved when I read about the reaction of Emma Woods to losing her 4 year old son and further impressed that the country had made Emma New Zealander of the Year.

    It's heart warming Christmas story of some good coming from something awful.

    Forgiveness, humanity and understanding does so much more for us and our society than bitterness, demonisation and condemnation.

    Well done to the Canadian migrant come Kiwi (Emma Woods) and well done people for voting for her.


    to read more check out:
    New Zealander of the Year: Emma Woods
    Okay, time for something to show a silver lining. Emma Woods, a migrant from Canada, lost her 4 year old son in a tragic accident in May but in the process proved what an amazing person she is.

    Emma's reaction to this and the understanding she showed the young driver who had killed her son has seen her voted as New Zealander of the year.

    This says a huge amount about Emma, but also a great deal about New Zealand where Emma was selected above famous businessmen and sports stars.

    After her son Nayan, 4, was killed in front of her by an out-of-control teenage motorist driving his modified car on to the footpath in Christchurch in May, the reaction we had come to expect from other tragedies was grief-fuelled anger and cries for harsh penalties.

    There was none of that from Mrs Woods.

    Instead, she took the time to get to know the driver, Ashley Austin, 18, accepted he had made a mistake, told him to not let it ruin his life, urged a judge not to send him to prison and hugged him when he was distraught.

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    What an amazing woman, it moved me to tears, sad but so incredible the power in what she has done.

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    How amazing!

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