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    Default Recce almost over

    Back home to cold old blighty in days
    The recce has gone well. For those who don't know we were due to arrive in sept 2010 but got serious cold feet and decided not to go last may. With our visa's due to expire on the 18th Jan 2011, one week before Christmas we decided we should at least activate the visa's and I, who hadn't been before, should at least take a look. If we had not I think I would have always wondered if we'd made the right decision. So on Christmas day we flew out leaving the snow behind at heathrow! I hated the flight, especially with a 2 and 3 year old in tow, although they were pretty good on the flight, getting over the jet lag was harder.first few days we travelled from Auckland to Hamilton and raglan. At that point we'd decided NZ not for us, too remote and too much nothing, but we should at least enjoy the holiday. We then visited a family we knew who'd emigrated to Rotarua. That started the change in our perspective. They were so positive about the great change their move had made to theirs and their children's lives. We could also see for ourselves how children seem to be like children here and the beauty of living many months of the year outside. We then travelled up to the Whakatane and Tauranga where we intended to move on emigrating as good for partners work prospects. We really liked it here, especially Ohopi beach and welcome bay/bethlehem areas. On a more positive note on work front my partner did some networking and likelihood of work looks good. We've ended our trip at the bay of islands and now just making our way back to auckland. Our trip has definitely opened our eyes. We've decided to take six months to reflect when we get back but we've moved from 90/10 against to 70/30 for. Getting residency has made me realise what a privilege it is that's for sure. The kiwi's are very welcoming and have been positive in promoting their country.
    Decision time.....!?!

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    We moved to Tauranga 2 years ago. We also did a recce trip[also to activate our visas] & spent 3 weeks travelling around the North Island & the very tip of the South.
    I didn't want to emigrate my husband did.
    Not many places grabbed me apart from Tauranga. [and Wellington, but we wanted a better climate]
    I went home with the thought that ' well at least I didn't hate it! ' But I certainly didn't love it. We have 4 kids who then were aged 9 , 9 , 6 & 5 , the older 2 girls weren't keen on the idea , the younger boys weren't bothered..
    Anyway 10 months later we packed up and left and we haven't looked back since.
    We don't have any family here & didn't know anybody either.
    The kids settled in straight away and I have surprised myself by how easily I did too.
    Obviously I realise not everybody does, but it's definitely worked for us.

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    Great to see such a clear account of feelings you're working through. And glad you have at least had a good visit!

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