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Thread: Still Waiting PR VISA Decision...Continued

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    Default Still Waiting PR VISA Decision...Continued

    Following this post in August 2010,, I would like to update you on where we are.

    Received a reply from Case Officer on 6th October 2010 advising that the ME had upheld his previous decision and my daughter still does not have an acceptable standard of health - GUTTED .

    Well we were going to throw the towel in at this point and just let the process run its course to a declined application. However after speaking on the phone to CO, she urged me to obtain some fresh medical information (from where I didn't know as we had exhausted all avenues) which would allow a 2nd ME to make an independent review of her case. Contacted her consultants again but the cardiologists could not provide any new information to help with our case. However, her liver specialist contacted Kings College Hospital in London and an appointment was made for 19th November with one of the top Liver specialist consultants in the UK!

    Met with the doctors on the above date and they were very positive about her condition and felt strongly that she was very unlikely to suffer any serious liver problems in the future (as she hasn't to date).. SOUNDED GREAT to us!! Consultant agreed to provide a comprehensive report on her prognosis, which we received on 31st December 2010.

    Submitted the report to CO on the 4th January 2011 and she advised that this was sufficient enough to trigger the independent review Ė Her goes nothing we thought, hold breath, cross legs etc. etc.

    Reply from CO on 18th January 2011. Independent ME concurred with original MEs findings, which means my daughter is not eligible for a residence class visa unless the residence class visa health requirement is waived!

    We have until the 8th February to send additional information to detail why we think a medical waiver should be granted.

    Any advice on what sort of things should be included in such a response would be greatly accepted, AS THIS REALLY IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO MAKE OUR DREAM COME TRUE.

    My daughter is really upset over this but we are staying strong together, telling her itís not her fault and what will be will be.. Its still very painful though I can tell you.

    Once we have submitted the response, and we have had the final decision, I will let you know the outcome. Deep down, I donít hold out much hope but you never know, we may get lucky Ė LETS HOPE AND PREY.

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    Sorry to hear about the situation. Hugs to you & your family dear. I dont have much experience or knowledge about your case but just scroll through this thread

    Hope that gives some positive outlook.

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    There are a few threads here from people who've been through the medical waiver process. The tack usually seems to be proving that the family as a whole - particularly existing adults - is worth more to NZ than the cost of ongoing treatment, i.e. what are your skills, experience etc and how rare are they in NZ? Are they on the ISSL or LTSSL? If so, NZ has no chance whatsoever of benefiting from your skills if you are unable to emigrate, nor of benefiting from your children's unrealised potential for that matter.

    Another thing might be a report from your daughter's school to say how many sick days she's taken due to her condition (esp if the answer is "none" or "very rarely"). Treatment might be pricey, but if she's able to live a mostly normal life then she will be able to hold a job rather than living off benefits.

    None of the info mentioned above is considered by the MA, only your daughter's health and medical needs. The waiver is your chance to say, "yes, but..." to the CO and their manager.

    You can also search for Residence Review Board decisions (the next step if a medical waiver is denied - yes, there really is another potential step) for others with your daughter's condition. This will show you exactly what evidence was presented by all parties and the eventual decision.

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    Wish you all the luck....Hope for the best!!! keep the sprit up!!

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