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Thread: Job offer for SMC. What do employers have to do?

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    There is no labour market test etc for SMC residence, but there is for a work visa unless you're on the LTSSL. There are enough people with residence or Kiwis for employers to rather consider them than wait for someone to get their PR which can take ages. Unless you have some really good, in high demand skills to offer and are on the LTSSL then employers aren't going to consider you. Do you not have enough points without a job offer? If you do have enough, why not submit EOI etc and once you have PR then employers will be more receptive. We did not have enough points without a job offer, so we took the plunge and came to NZ to secure a job offer and then OH applied for a work visa which was successful - 3yr visa granted. Now we can submit our EOI and hopefully have our PR by the end of the year and in the meantime we live and work here. OH did have to undergo a labour market test for his visa and employer did have to prove that they had tried to find a suitable Kiwi or residence holder. Luckily, OH employer was adamant they wanted him so were more than happy to put in the extra paperwork. His organisation is global, so they employ quite a number of foreigners which I think can make a big difference in an employer's attitude. Also, employers know that there are many instances where a job offer is made and then the person changes their mind about coming to NZ. They want to see some kind of commitment on your part which I think is very understandable.

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    I can share my experience as I got a job offer, my profession isn't on the LTSSL, and I saw the types of questons NZIS was asking of my boss.

    Firstly, the job offer. As I mentioned, my job isn't on the LTSSL so NZIS feels there is sufficient supply of professionals in my area. My boss would disagree. He felt he couldn't find the necessary skills and qualifications in-country, therefore I looked good "on paper", wrote an engaging cover letter and got him interested to talk to me. However, I applied for LOTS of jobs, some of which I was perfect for, apart from the fact that I wasn't legally entitled to work here at that time. It was hard work and painstaking, and I consider myself VERY lucky.

    When I submitted my EOI I had to list out my employer's details, the job I was being offered, a description of why I considered it to be skilled (I used the ANZSCO (or whatever it is!) description and matched it to the job description. I tried to use as many of the same key words as possible.

    When I got the ITA, it specified what I had to supply in terms of the job offer. I had to supply the original SIGNED job offer cover letter and contract. NZIS then sent various questions to my boss. Some were related to hiring from off shore, others were very specific relating to the company and checking that it was a sustainable offer, that the company is legit, they wanted to see the last 3 years' accounts and things like that. It was all relating to checking that the company could support me long-term. I think they were asked more questions because they are a small company and NZIS wanted them to prove they weren't going to go belly up any time soon. It may have been because of the recession and they may have seen other small companies going under.

    After about two weeks of toing and froing via email (there was no interview), we got the green light.

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