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    Default Evidence to support work experience

    Hello all,
    I am from India. I have received ITA last month and as to provide evidence to support my work experience is it enough if i submit pay slips, tax returns, appointment letters, work experience letter from the company?

    Apart from those i got nothing else to submit. I have heard some people saying that bank statements for salary credits is mandatory, and must be submitted along with other documents.

    Is it true? Beacuse i get my salary in SELF - PAYABLE CHEQUES which can be cashed at any of some banks.

    So i don't have a bank statement for that salary credit.

    Am i good with what i have?

    Once again i say i have pay slips, tax returns, appointment letters, work experience letter from the company.

    Please Clarify.Appreciate your help ppl, Honestly i wouldn't have come this far with out your help.

    Thanx guys.

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    All these docs mentioned should do fine, if you have a Annual salary letter (brekdown) from employer do include that or you can ask HR to provide you one such letter.

    You can take the bank statements of all your account that you have been depositing your salary into- Many bank accounts statement is OK to submit.

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    Tarakvarma, you will be okay with these documents. I had to submit bank statements because not all of my work experience was gained in one country. For example, I was paid by a US company in Bulgaria with fortnightly wire transfers for years (like clockwork and the same amounts) as an outside consultant, even though I used to be an employee of the company. The only thing I could show is the reference from my employer and the bank statements. Couldn't get any more official and INZ took it

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    Hey, I think you should be fine with what you've got already.

    Good luck!

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