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Thread: Mog and Dog have their tickets to fly!

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    Default Mog and Dog have their tickets to fly!

    Hi All,

    It's been a while since I posted on here, as time has just flown by!

    We arrived from Lincolnshire in October and stayed in Parnell, Auckland until moving to Whangarei on 20th December.. Xmas was interesting, being surrounded by boxes!

    Since arriving we've been planning to get our Dog and Cat across, as we thought it best to leave them in the UK with family until we were settled.

    Now that we are things are progressing well to get them here.. They should arrive on February 28th into Auckland International

    Typically it clashes with the departure of my OH's parents back to the UK the day before, but will be something nice to look forwards to!

    Hopefully they will both arrive in good form and it's not a long drive back home

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    Congrats on your move! Parnell is a really nice place!

    Did you use a pet mover to move your pets?

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    Our pets arrived in better shape than we did!!

    It is great to be reunited.

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    I know what you're going through. We left our pooch in the US for 2.5 months after we departed and then she had to spend another 30 days in quarantine but it's so nice to have her back

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