Hi, all. I'm putting this question here (not in Education section) on the grounds that our motivation for asking is wider than just education interest.

Our little boy is two (three in August). When we get to Auckland next week, one of our very highest priorities will be to get involved early with something like a cooperative parent-toddler group. This could be either more deliberate and structured (e.g., Playcentre) or more small and informal, and we'd look into any combination of attendance (e.g., a daily short session whence a small group of mums/dads and children meet at a park or house to chat, play and have coffee; or a rota-style system to allow some parents a free morning or two; or whatever).

One of our chief reasons for wanting to do this so soon is that, of course, we will be away from family and friends and want to start developing a network of pals and responsible mums and dads so that we can just have friends, and also so that we can help each other out if needed.

How did other Auckland folks here -- esp. North Shore City settlers -- find good, small groups like this? I'm sure it'll fall into place when we arrive and start asking around, but any comments now would be useful too. Many thanks.