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Thread: It's started... it's really happening

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    Firstly a huge, massive thank you to everyone who posts on here... the information is so useful and we've used it no end to help us get sorted and plan our move... which has started to really happen this morning!

    We've got the movers in and they're packing us up and should finish tomorrow (will try and post piccies later), we take the car over on Wednesday morning to be loaded into the container with our household goods. It's due to set sail on the 19th.

    I'm on leave this week, I finish work on 25th (5 working days left!). OH finishes on 31st and then we fly on 6th April! In between now and then we're stay with various friends and family which will be nice and means we get to spend a bit of time with everyone before we go. (Except my mum who said she didn't like how I'd assumed it would be ok to stay with her for a couple of nights... but that's a whole other post!)

    We still have loads to things to organise both here and in NZ... like temporary accommodation! Also need to do some research into areas we may want to explore with a view to finding a place to rent, so will be searching the forum again for top tips!

    My advice to anyone is don't under estimate the amount of time you need for planning, organising, sorting, phoning, booking, emailing... it's never ending at times! We spent the weekend going through everything and still ended up recycling/giving away stuff even when I thought we'd done it all, OH worked his socks off with the jeyes, scrubbing anything that had ever been outside!

    I'm a whirl of excitement and shock at the moment, all the planning and hard work has come together... we feel so lucky and it's almost like fate that we should be doing this looking at how things have fallen into place for us.

    I'll keep you posted on progress... v v v excited right now! (it will soon turn back into shock!)
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    I can feel your excitement - that is nothing to what you will feel when you first set foot on NZ soil. Once all our belongings were packed up did we give a big sigh of relief cos after that we had nothing else to do but just wait. Hope it is all plain sailing from now on.

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    Good luck! Where are you headed for?

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