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    We are moving over to Auckland on the 11/12 May 2011 and are still looking for furnished accommodation for the first 4 to 6 weeks.

    We are a family of 6 - husband (who is an accountant), wife, children ages 10, 8, 6 and 4. We also have two indoor cats and an impecably well behaved cocker spaniel - Gabby - age 2.

    We are looking for somewhere on the North Shore - from Devonport up to Browns Bay as well as Birkenhead.

    Anyone know of anything available or where else I can look?? I have posted about this before so sorry for the repeat - just getting really scared that we will not find anything.

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    We managed to find a great place on The rates are usually quoted as nightly, but if you email the owners through the site and ask for a weekly / monthly rate they are usually happy to drastically reduce it.

    We found a 2 bedroom cottage in Franklin District advertised at $120 a night and they offered it to us for $400 a week (we wanted it for 60 days) AND they'll wash our sheets once a week! AND, even more incredibly they were willing to take us with our two small dogs too. The cottage isn't particularly fancy, but it is clean and tidy with incredible views across rolling NZ countryside - and knowing that we have somewhere to 'land' is priceless.


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    try looking here

    Now these are furnished and on the North Shore but the majority of these will not accept pets, one accepts cats but not dogs.Also most of these tie you down for 6 months.
    You may have to make a compromise somewhere. You have more choice if you can possibly hire furniture until yours gets here alternatively and this is only a suggestion. Is there any possibility you can leave your pets with family until you get over here then you can find somewhere when you are here that will accommodate for your pets.I know it may not be possible but its only an idea.

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