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    Can't believe its been almost 2 years since I arrived in New Zealand from the Philippines. I came here at end of April 2009. It was a cold day. Maybe I just felt cold because it rarely went below 20 degrees where I came from.

    I remember the immigration officer checking my work visa and asking me if I had ever been in NZ before. I said no. She said " That's interesting." Interesting is not the word that I will describe my first few months here.

    I'd say it was challenging. I had a hard time finding a job (took me 3.5months to find one). It is only after 9 months, when I got my residency that I felt settled. I thank God that I got through that difficult time.

    People here are nice and friendly. I've made a lot of friends specially in church. My wife and kids also feels happy here. I'd ask them repeatedly if they like it here and they would said yes.

    NZ is a beautiful country. The best thing about NZ is the outdoors. You can reach the beach after a 25 minute drive. For me, it is the best place to raise a family. The streets are relatively safe. Crime rate is lower compared to other countries. I was surprised that there were no armed guards in banks!

    My only concern is about the primary and secondary educational system. I believe there should be a higher standard. I support getting a national standard for schools to improve student performance. I feel the educational system should improve so our kids can compete with other countries.

    I'm still not used to the cold. But I sure love it here. NZ is a great place to be. I even like watching rugby now. Hope NZ wins the rugby world cup.

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    It was nice to read your post especially now that we're up for a big decision.
    We have recently received our work to residency visa. Reading your post was a somehow reassuring that if do decide to go there, it would be worth. We're a family of 3. Our daughter is just 9mos old. My wife is the principal applicant. And now the visas are here, it's been surreal. A lot of questions popped.. house, car, work, etc.. our baby..

    Anyway, we'll get through this. Thanks again for the post.

    Pong, Grace and Isla

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    Congratulations on your two years!

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    Nice to hear that things are going so well for you.

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    Default Hiii

    Good to know that you have settled well and definitely agree with you that NZ is best place to raise Kids...

    About the education system ,I still believe that its good (may be not very competitive) but still generates disiplined and well behaved students...( I have seen students in AUS, HK and India and they are no where as disiplined and well behaved as in NZ)

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