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Thread: Shipping - Australia to NZ!?

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    Default Shipping - Australia to NZ!?

    Hi All

    My husband and I are organizing our move back to NZ from Sydney, Australia.

    I'm hoping someone can give me some info about shipping!? We only have a small amount (just basics like couch, fridge, washing machine & beds plus boxes of clothing etc)

    Has anyone shipped from Sydney before and have any recommendations on what company to use? Also any ideas on cost?


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    Hi Tinesha,

    We shipped our house belongings in a 20ft container, in 2009 from Sydney to Christchurch, then last year back from Christchurch to Sydney...

    The 20ft container cost around $8000 australian dollars including insurance,

    and that was with Movements International Movers..we had a few quotes through Grace removals

    ( a friend of mine used them no problems), and others,

    I think they are all very similar price and we had no problems..we used Allied to go back to Australia..

    I'm not sure of cost if you don't have much, but shared containers can be done also..

    Good luck with your move!

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