I and i'm sorry but i'm confused, we are looking at importing our car we are coming over on LTBV and are bringing a 40' container with our goods and our car, we aren't going to be there for 8 months, house to sell, kids exams at school but (and i'm not sure we can do this) we have a landrover discovery 2004 that we are bringing,

my thoughts are this,

should we renew our car now, maybe buy a newer Discovery with less miles or a different type of 4 x 4

the thing is am I right to think that some cars are not as welcome to import as others?

does it depend on where they are built?

I had heard/read something about this and the next question how do I find out where a car is built.

Do I have time to replace our car and avoid any added costs?

Again sorry if anyone has already gone over this but I am well confused!