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    I'm pretty jazzed tonight. I had my 4th and final interview. The first was with the head hunter (Skype), manager, sr. manager, and tonight with the co-owner (all phone calls). I also ran through a psychological/cognitive test right at the beginning. It was a timed test. I had never done that before but turned out much higher/better than I thought it would!

    This last interview was with a lovely, down to earth fella and kind of person I'd love to mentor with. And this is a very successful executive-type. It felt welcoming, and the kinda people I'd like to work with. Or, are all NZ's so down to earth, warm, not pretentious?

    We joked about "Wellywood", talked about running 1/2 marathons and bootcamp workouts, potential placement and no games around potential that he saw in me helping to build/grow the organization.

    So next step is the formal job offer. I've already sketched out some potential negotiation peices with the head hunter. One peice that is emerging that I've read is about increasing rental prices due to the World Rugby Cup. So if they want me to start prior to that, it'll cost more to come over.

    We'll see if infact it can take just 2 months+ to process everything in terms of the visa application (skilled migrant), medicals etc. I have been to the site to start an EOI but not finished it as I wasn't sure what support the employer would provide via their immigration consultant.
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