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Thread: Unique Wanaka area home/wilderness business for sale

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    Default Unique Wanaka area home/wilderness business for sale

    Makarora Homestead Wilderness Accommodation
    Hi I have joined becos Kanatakiwi put a notice about our property being for sale on the forum in 2008. Most of the details were correct however the price listed is way higher than what we are looking for. I have had 4 people tell me about this. As that thread is now closed hopefully this will address the issue. Thanks.

    A friend sent me this link, I think it is her family member that owns the place. (Just want to say at the start that I have no involvement in this place and have never been there!)

    It might be a bit on the expensive side for most, but it looks lovely, a unique business, and might be just perfectly suited for someone who is wanting to get away from the rat race and take advantage of NZ's fantastic outdoors lifestyle and scenery.

    It is nestled under the mountains in the Makarora Valley right on the edge of Mt Aspiring National Park and near the beginning of the pass through the southern alps in the South Island (Te Waipounamu, meaning green shining waters) of Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Here is some info from the owners:
    The local primary school is 3 minutes walk. There is a bus to the high school in Wanaka.
    The property is 3.2 acres and is zoned township/residential so is available
    to sub divide into quarter acre lots if desired or realistically three one
    acre lots ....we of course could not do this to the land but to a potential
    buyer we have to consider this as a realistic selling point whilst Wanaka
    prices are becomming unrealistic, ie a three bedroomed quarter acre section
    house being $450.000 and up.

    It has one two storied 5 bedroomed house with three bathrooms
    one single storied 2-3 bedroomed house (ours)
    two detached ensuited twin /double rooms
    one studio unit with ensuite and kitchenette
    one large implement shed and workshop
    A beautiful pond and creek running through the property
    Fully deer fenced
    Five sheep Pincel , Swing, Doris, Duckface and Scrumpy
    Two pigs Sir Francis Bacon and Earl of Ham Sandwich
    and all given tender loving care and attention

    We have built the income up from nothing and it is getting better every year as tour companies and travellers find out about the nice people running it!!!

    If anyone is interested in knowing more you can PM or contact them through their website.

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    Eh? More spamming??

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