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Thread: calling nz mobile from uk landline

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    Default calling nz mobile from uk landline

    Hi, starting to think about how my mum will keep in contact with us when we arrive in nz as we wont have a landline straightaway.

    I am going to buy a new zealand sim when we arrive in auckland, anyone got any idea how much it will cost my mum to call me on the mobile from the uk??

    Or even how much 2 degree charges to call a landline from their network?

    Thanx in advance

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    Not sure about 2 degree, but at least Vodafone (and I think Telecom too?) have deals on ringing the UK landlines.

    If I remember correctly, it's $2 for upto an hour.

    From the UK, I'd suggest using an international phonecard, or something like Alpha Telecom, to make the calls a bit cheaper, or Skype's another option if your mother has a computer.

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    Call charges are all on the phone companies' websites in teh UK and NZ (call charges from UK to NZ you need to look at BT, or phoever she's with).

    However, there are calling cards, and other ways to reduce that, but depending on how tech savvy she is then some of those may not be good.

    They aren't that hard, but often need you to dial a different number first, then follow the prompts. No use for my mum as by the time she'd juggled glasses, then she'd timed out.

    Vodafone have a $2 max charge to the UK, so although it's hugely expensive per minute, then if you're making a weekly half hour call then of course it's great.

    So leave her your number for emergencies, but then you do the calling from here.

    That worked for me in the first few weeks before I got a place with tinterweb.

    Luckily we managed to train them up on skype, and whilst it's not without it's frustrations of attemping IT support from the far side of the world is pretty good and of course free.

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    check out that popular money saving website as it has a call checker. Expect to pay between 8-10p by using such a service

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