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    Default Also Stressing Out...

    OH left this morning for Auckland...6 weeks until I go... everything's in order (shippers, dogs, tickets, etc.)... but still really emotional as the reality of it all sets in.
    Looking forward to our new life in NZ but leaving the old one is still sad

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    You'll have the old life with you - all that experience has gone into making you who you are.

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    Really feel for you, its a BIG step.
    I did it 20 years ago when I came to the UK and it was hard (tho I was a lot younger then and didnt really have much to keep me in NZ at the time). The hardest thing for me was realising that life didnt stand still for the people I left behind - I kept thinking of them the way they were when I left and not thinking of them growing up, getting married, having kids, getting older etc.

    It is a long way to go, but communications like the internet and skype make it so much easier to keep in touch these days.

    I suggest you visit the places where you have had lots of great times, take photos and put an album together to take with you. It will be hard to begin with, but you will be able take the album out and show your new NZ friends 'your Canada'. You will find comfort in that (I sure did).

    You will be ok, 6 weeks without OH will be tough, but your new life in NZ will be worth it.

    Youre in my thoughts.

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    Best of luck to you in this move. It is totally normal from all the posts I have read to be emotional and nervous. In fact it might be kinda strange if you weren't.

    We haven't even finalized our move date and I am definitely nervous and emotional. I haven't lived near my family in 20 years, but it is still an easy flight home when I want to visit them.

    And knowing we'll be in NZ and not close is tough. But, I know this is what we want and we'll ultimately make the best of it.

    Good luck!

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