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Thread: Job offer!! woo hoo

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    Talking Job offer!! woo hoo

    Hi there...

    My hubby has been undergoing some gruelling interviews and grillings over the last 3 weeks and has had 3 job offers laid out on the table. It is difficult for him to choose as he does not want to be influenced by the salary, but wants to invest in a good company with good career prospects.

    Is a company car in canterbury usually just bound to the canterbury region or are they to use at your leisure (my husband is currently in a job where he has full, free use of his car to anywhere in the uk/europe)? and how valuable is private medical health care? what does this include as i am sure that it doesnt include visits to the gp and the likes.

    Lastly, but most much money per month would you expect to live comfortably off? As at the moment we are just taking wild guesses. E.g, what would the average persons monthly outgoings be in a rented accommodation (2 or 3 bedrooms).

    Thank you.....:-)


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    Congratulations, and how exciting!

    Last question - use Search. There are lots of (not so very) old threads with people giving their ideas.

    Medical insurance policies vary, so you need to ask what cover the one you're being offered gives. Some certainly do cover GP visits.

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    I would ask your the companies to send details of their company car scheme and health scheme. It would be perfectly reasonable to do so. I would be surprised if the car was linked purely to the region, but you may be requested not to use it on unsealed roads, so accessing some of the wilderness can be more difficult.

    Southern cross website will give you an idea of the various policies available for health and what is covered. There are a wide range and as J&M said can cover gp's visits.

    Trade me will give you a good idea about rental prices, look for words like "north facing" and "heat pump". You will find details about current costs on here....also check the online supermarkets where you can check out prices though what you buy will change and your shopping gets less over a small proviso at the moment, fruit and veg are a lot more expensive in the winter here and cheaper in the summer. They are generally cheaper at the specialist fruit and veg outlets than in the supermarket.


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    Personally, I wouldnt not have private healthcare in NZ. Best of luck with your decisions!

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