My wife plans to do a post graduate in Auckland university in the begining of 2012.

Since she will be in NZ for 1.5 years I am applying for a work permit so i can work while she studies.This way i hope to get some international work experience and do a little travelling around NZ on the weekends.

I have roughly 10 years experience as a motorcycle mechanic part of which was spent running my own workshop.

I am not really picky about what job i can get but would prefer to work in a motorcycle workshop(job designation is not of primary importance) due to the fact that it would be valid work experience

Does Auckland have a good biking culture,and are there a lot of motorcycle workshops and dealerships around ?

What is the industry like in NZ? are bike shops primarily driven by paper qualifications or would valid experience and the fact that i am an excelent mechanic who can do a variety of jobs be good enough to land a job?