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Thread: US electrical adapters??? its still a fog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dell View Post
    It is my understanding that U.S. landline phones (not cells) will work in NZ but if they are cordless and have a plug, then the rules apply for 110/220. If your phones are both 110/220 (like computers) then you just need a electrical plug adapter.

    Correct me if I'm wrong!
    you will allso need a plug adaptor for where the phone plugs into the wall (phone line)
    I have several they are not too hard to source
    One of the phone I brought never worked properly and kept interferring with the internet so finally got rid of it
    WHy bother .. get a NZ phone for $40

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    Speaking of landline phones, i've been seeing more and more offices and homes that have gone to an RJ-45 or RJ-11 standard wall socket.

    I also find it convenient that in these same houses and offices, they've adopted the 'F' type screw connector for coaxial / TV connections. Both 'F' and RJ are standards from the US and over time, there may be no need for using adaptors.

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