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Thread: Anyone living in Tauranga/Mount Manganui?

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    Default Anyone living in Tauranga/Mount Manganui?

    Hi everyone,

    We are intending to relocate to the Bay of Plenty - Tauranga/Mount Manganui/Papamoa, we fly out this september. Can anyone offer any advice about housing here, where to live and the area generally. Anyone relocated here and struggled to secure employment?

    Any advice would be greatly recieved.

    Thanks, Jemma

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    Hello Jemma,

    I spent 3 months last year in Tauranga and now in 2 weeks I'm coming back to Tauranga since I got a job over there... for what I know it's not the best place to get a job ( the salaries are much lower than Auckland area ) but it's a REALLY nice place ( especially Mt. Maunganui ... ) , about the housing... there's a real state called LJ hookers or you can use to find a place...


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    Hi, We've been living in the mount for over a year now.

    We are still renting at present, but we have been looking at places.

    Tauranga in general is relatively pricey. Papamoa more so, and the Mount excessively pricey.

    There are still good places around, but are fewer and fewer. Papamoa grew by 30% last year.

    There is still heaps of housing going up, but on smaller and smaller sections.

    Prices have stabilised recently, so things may get better. It does depend on what you are bringing over, if you have a fair chunk behind you, things will be easier for you.

    I know someone buying a house in Levin with a $8000 deposit.

    We have 10 times that but will struggle to get something we really want, with a reasonable mortgage.

    Wages and prices will force us away from the mount.

    On the upside, its a fantastic place to live. Nothing beats heading over the bridge on a sunny evening back to the mount, the views are stunning, and I've loved every day here

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