Dear All,

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I joined this forum when I learnt about it from my online search of immigration forums.

I live in India and working as an IT professional. My husband works in the same company.

In Jan 11, the company got a Intra Company transfer work visa for my husband so he could go to the NZ and work from our office situated there. The client for whom we provide software services is a New Zealand company.

I am left in India since then and trying that my company gets another opening for NZ in area of my skill. However, no luck so far.

I will be finishing my masters in business administration in Jan 12. I am also a masters in computer applications. I have 7+ years of work experience. I have a advanced diploma in computer applications that I complimented with my graduation which was in commerce.

I wanted to know if I come on a dependent work visa, where the main work visa is tied to the Indian company ( Intra company transfer), will I still be able to get jobs in NZ??

I have been told that employers in NZ would not prefer to hire me due to the kind of visa I have.

Please help me and let me know of anyone knows of people being hired even if they r on dependent visa.

Is it worth a chance to take by leaving my current job and going all the way to find a job in NZ on a dependent visa.