Hi there

I need to return to NZ prior to my husband, so I can resettle first (been away for over 10 yrs, no family in NZ) and get things into place to prepare for his immigration (I am a NZer, he is South African).

Because we have costs here in Belgium as well as South Africa (chn), I am looking for homestay situation or similar - as we cannot afford full rental and I am bringing only a suitcase. I need somewhere for 4 months, with a bed and bedding and place to cook. During which time I will organise matters for us both, and obtain proper accommodation. At this stage, I am open to where I can go as it is only temporary - but certainly the North Island. Access to public transport a must, but quite happy to be further out and take care of someone's house in their absence (if that is another option). I will provide full references and my cv to any one that wishes to know more. Thank you!

Returning February 2012. Becoming urgent.