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Thread: A Kiwi Thanksgiving

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    Default A Kiwi Thanksgiving

    Belated Thanksgiving greetings to all.

    My family couldn't bear not celebrating the holiday, so I took a day's leave and we had a traditional dinner with all the trimmings (except cranberry sauce -- I couldn't find cranberries anywhere).

    The turkey was fantastic, even though the cost was a bit of a shock ($67 for a 5.5 kg bird), and the weather stayed cloudy and cool, so it helped, in an odd way, to make the holiday seem more appropriate.

    No football (gridiron), unfortunately, but didn't miss it that much.

    I'm not sure that we'll continue the tradition in future years, but Thanksgiving, even though it's become ridiculously commercial in the US, is still a holiday I connect with, and having a quiet family celebration here seemed the perfect way to experience it without all the Black Friday drama, falsely pious photo ops with politicians in soup kitchens, and travel nightmares.

    So, happy Thanksgiving!

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    Hi there, yes I miss Thanks giving celebration badly. Knowing the fact that is the official holiday season starts makes it even more special.

    Yes, the cloudiness is help.

    I always want that Christmas day in here is cooler and a bit cloud.

    I know, many kiwis would think I am crazy, but one can dream anyway...

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    Happy Turkey day..enjoy!!!
    Holy moly that Turkey had better cook itself for that price!!!!!

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    Wow, what an expensive turkey!

    I wonder if they sell cranberry sauce at Martha's Vineyard in Mt Wellington? Anyone know?

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