Hey, any update on where you settled after checking the places out, and your impressions of Dunedin? We're (family of 5, kids are infant, 9 & 11, I'm a Kiwi, familiar with Tauranga and most of the North Island but have lived in Chicago for 12 years, since my late teens, not familiar with South Island, partner has never been to NZ) pretty seriously considering Dunedin after seriously considering Tauranga for months. We did consider Nelson for a while, but it feels a bit small, Tauranga has a lot of pros and I'm familiar with all the recreational spots there (we're a nature loving bunch so the beaches and hiking and camping around there is a pro). We love the mountains and the cooler weather down south though, nature is a bit more extreme down there which suits us well and cost of living is a huge positive. I imagine you can see a lot more in the night sky down south too, better for star-gazers. Plus generally just don't want to be near the chaos that is Auckland, which family tells me is quickly spreading over Tauranga way.