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Thread: Transplant advice for NZ Medicals

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    Default Transplant advice for NZ Medicals

    Long term lurker, first time poster here.

    Ive got a bit of a worry and wanted to get some opinions on it.

    Basically me and my girlfriend moved on to New Zealand in April 2011 on a one year working holiday visa.

    Since then weve both gotten jobs and have settled into life in Wellington quite nicely, Im currently working in a full time role in IT and my partner as a nurse.

    Now that our one year visa is expiring weve decided to apply for a skilled working visa, but weve got a potential issue with the medicals.

    Around 9 years ago I had a liver transplant and Im worried that as a result we may get rejected! From looking around NZ seem to reject people based on the alleged cost to their health service, Ive read on a few forums and sites that a cost of over $25,000 over four years would get rejected.

    Currently Im receiving my medication under a reciprocal agreement with the UK and NZ, which means I end up paying just the prescription costs of my anti-rejection drugs.

    But from initial conversations with my doctors, my drugs would normally cost $1000 per month if I were to pay for them myself.

    (Meaning a total cost of $48,000 over four years!)

    Now I could be sourcing all my information from crappy sources (and I hope I am), but I cant see how Im going to get accepted! Has anybody got any insight or similar experiences to this?

    Were holding off on putting through our EOI at the mo, as we dont really want to have to pay $400 dollars plus another $500 for medicals if we stand no chance.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    From the operational manual:

    A4.10.1 Medical conditions deemed to impose significant costs and/or demands on New Zealand's health and/or education services

    Solid organ transplants, excluding corneal grafts more than 6 months old

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