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    I've been in Wellington for just under a month now and am having no luck with the job search. I've been using Trade Me, SEEK, Gumtree, and a slew of other job sites online, as well as checking the papers and I've dropped a resume off at a bunch of places. It's come to the point where I'm applying for anything and everything. I've applied to 50+ places and have only gotten 2 responses, which were both no's.

    So I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone knows anyone who is hiring. My visa has no restrictions, I can work day/night, any hours and will take anything just to pay the rent. I can do long term, short term, one week, one day, doesn't matter. I'm not looking for a career, just some work so I can get by and stay longer on my working holiday. I'll give any relevant information below.

    Cheers & Thanks.

    Other info:
    -I'm located downtown on Willis St.
    -No vehicle, but will use public transport to travel if necessary.
    -Here is my experience/qualifications, but like I said I'll take anything.

    High School Diploma (with honours)
    Bartending Diploma
    Horticultural Technician Diploma
    Scriptwriting Diploma (with honours)

    Work Experience:
    Drug Store Merchandiser/Bicycle Deliveries (2 years experience)
    Park Ranger/Office Clerk/Customer Service (4 years experience)
    Bar Assistant (1 year experience)
    Electronic Store Salesman (2 years experience)
    Horticulturalist (3 years experience)

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    Hi CC

    I'm in a similar position, right down to being loacted on Willis St !! although my experience is in the world of I.T.
    I've been looking for about 6 weeks and achieving a similar strike rate. From my searches and talking to recruiters it appears that Auckland is where it's at. Shame as I much prefer Welly.
    Have you tried the noticeboards in the backpackers and some of the accomodation blocks? I have seen some casual jobs posted there.
    Do you have contacts in NZ? Apparently who you know is worth at least as much as what you know - and I know of instances where this has proven to be the case.

    Good luck

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    Would you consider picking/packing apples?

    If you survive to mid-Feb, this could be a temporary solution. Have a look at:

    In fact, you may want to contact them even now, as it says on the website:

    Ask us about work outside of harvest times and we may be able to help you.

    Good luck!

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