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Thread: House building costs per square metre?

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    So have even the non quaky bits got an expensive new code to follow or just places near faults?
    After the full enquiry of the earthquakes have been done, you can bet the improvements in the building code will be nation wide (because they have to factor the case where earthquakes can occur in the future ie. in Wellington).

    I imagine Fletcher'ss cost are BIG boys prices. A dad and son type builder with surely be a lot cheaper?
    No becaues Fletchers will source building materials at a cost lower than what the dad and son builder can buy. Fletcher will have special pricing direct from the manufacturer (at prices even lower than what Mitre10Mega, Bunnings, or Placemakers can buy it for).

    Which changes are you referring to? And how much [$/m2] have the costs been increasing due to this?
    Mainly from weathertightness and structural. I've been told drain channels around the windows have to be done (to ensure that condensation around the windows just doesn't sit around). New buildings down the street from my place are no longer using standard 664 steel mesh but instead switched to 661 - 7.5mm wire size. It doesn't take much steel to raise the price of construction quickly.

    On the other side rural country is general more expensive because of transport costs for materials. Think about locations like Haast, Milford Sound or just Twizel.
    refer to Jo Jo's reply which has link to estimated costs around the whole country.

    "The concentration of Christchurch earthquake rebuild work is assessed to have a 10% to 20% additional price premium over the above value."
    So it's clear the cost will be a lot more for the Canterbury region - this is only an estimate, costs could be a lot higher as the full earthquake enquiry hasn't been finished : when it does, you can bet the new amendments to the building code will make building quite expensive.

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    SuperBQ, I have the impression that you havn't read the amendment (see my link) entirely in detail, have you?

    In addition I refer to our older threads on the Canterbury earthquakes. Particularly I like to summarise: There is no need for further amendments to the building code as there are so many buildings in our country that don't comply with the current one. On the other side buildings in Canterbury earthquakes performed mostly as they should or even better; there are only a few exemptions (unfortunately!). Well known issues before these earthquakes are still not done yet: Elements easy to strengthen like facades, parapets and awnings.

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