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Thread: Leaving tomorrow!

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    Default Leaving tomorrow!

    We are leaving for Dunedin tomorrow from rainy Vancouver, Canada. Pretty excited! Any last minute advice for the flight? Is the flight known to have a lot of turbulence? I hope not, but I'm sure it will be fine.

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    Safe journey and happy landings!

    Any flight CAN get turbulence, but it's not anything specially predicted for that route. If your plane does encounter some, there will be an announcement asking you to go back to your seat if you're out of it, and fasten your seat-belt. Most of the time, riding in a big airliner is no more eventful than riding in a bus, and turbulence, if any, is like going over bumps in the road.

    For your comfort on the plane, you may like to have a small (remember the security size limit when buying) tube/pot of moisturising cream in your hand luggage - hands and face can get to feel very dry and itchy because you're in recycled air for such a long period.

    Many people find it helpful to think ahead to what time of day it is at your destination, as soon as you board the plane, and try to eat and sleep on that 'clock' as far as possible - you don't HAVE to eat/drink everything the airline is offering, just because it's there. If you have an empty water-bottle along, you can get the stewards to fill and refill that for you, so you've permanently got your own supply - you're likely to be thirstier than usual, and probably more thirsty than hungry. Caffeine carrying or alcoholic drinks don't do as much good as plain water.

    For the sake of your body, remember to get up and walk around the plane at least every couple of hours, which helps the circulation. Bend your feet and lift your knees more than usual. You'll probably find in the seat pocket some instructions about exercises you can do while seated, and these are well worthwhile. You can also get some below-the-knee compression flight socks (available at the airport, probably in the pharmacy), to help avoid DVT.

    Have a good time!

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    I always take my shoes off during the flight and have an extra pair of socks to wear on top of my regular socks, as slippers. I wear clothes I feel comfortable in. I avoid to wear a belt as I am often asked to take it off at the airport and it could bring discomfort during the long flight.

    If you are travelling with children, make sure they have plenty to play with and to eat.

    It must be something very special to flight over your city knowing that next time you see it, it will no longer be your home town. I hope that when my turns come, I will manage to seat on the right side of the plane to say goodbye to the Eiffel Tower.

    Wishing you all the best, a safe flight and good luck for everything after you've landed.

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    I dont fly well so always have some ginger biscuits to nibble on and some ginger or lavender or chamomile essential oil (or spray) I can apply to my wrists to reduce any nerves or nausea. Water in a spray as well helps to refresh your face, ans dont forget, toothbrush (and toothpaste), deodorant, hairbrush and some wet wipes in your hand luggage. A quick 5 min wash and freshen up every few hours can make all the difference to your comfort levels.
    Apart from that, enjoy the trip and the adventures that lie ahead.

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    By the time you read this it'll be all over and you will be in NZ.... So welcome and Enjoy your selves here... :-}
    I hate flying, which is why I came by sea.

    I find flying would be OK if I was the one doing the actual flying.


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    I think its been raining since past few you might find some sort of turbulence.

    ps. Welcome to New Zealand

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