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    Default TKI - Te Kete Ipurangi Education Site

    Even now - after I have been using this site (as a teacher) for around 5 years, I am still in awe of it.
    I think it is one of the most amazing resources available.

    Go have a look around and see what is going on in NZ schools.
    (You don't need to register or anything to look around)

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    I've bookmarked it, better put a few hours aside, looks like there's lots to view.



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    Hi Carol

    Mr Rr found this site quite soon after arriving, and while it has been useful, the main problem - certainly in terms of using the lessons plans / units - is that the school cannot supply the ITC resources needed to make the most effective use of them. His school doesn't even have an intranet, or internet access in classrooms, or a PC in their staff base! So all the lessons involving access to the web tend to come to a dead halt and revert to photocopies.. which is timeconsuming for him and dull dull dull for the pupils.

    So I gues it is the gap between theory (great ideas and good website) and practice (not enough funding for ITC resources) once again... though that's just one school's experience.

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    Thanks for that link - I am studying for an Ed Asistant diploma at the moment (in Oz) - absolutely loving it & am grateful for any new websites with good info on education - I think the Oz system & the kiwi one seem to have a lot of similarities - & on the whole a lot more to recommend them than the UK system. Would love to retrain & go into teaching proper - not really a viable option here as to get a job I would have to uproot the family & live "in the country" - not sure thats what we want to do. No objections to living in a more rural place, but here in Western Australia that could well be 5 hours drive from a decent sized town / city.

    What are the opportunities for newly qualified teachers in NZ - do they have a similar system of earning your permenancy by working in the sticks?? Would an australian teaching qualification be recognised over there or would I be better off retraining in NZ??

    May just stick with the ed assistant role - less stress & you still get to work with kids & make a difference...


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