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    Oh my goodness, where to start. I live here with my Husband, myself, Daughter and our Son. Here's the thing. I love it, absolutely love it. I originally went to Christchurch in 2009 and was made redundant and had to return to the UK. Anyway, it took me a long time to settle here in Tauranga. Now I have and it's great. My one concern is this, myself, Husband and daughter have all very nearly qualified for residency, our Son is on a WHV and has been searching for permanent work. Lots of temporary positions but nothing permanent. However he was offered a trial, so he informed the guy that if he was offered a permanent position he could not start straight away. As we were informed by immigration he needed to apply for a work visa. So the potential employer has now not been in touch. It is so frustrating. What employer is going to wait around for someone who doesn't have experience, unless they can maybe. I just feel it is so difficult, i reckon if he had of got the trial he would have got the job, but the guy was hesitant due to the process of a work visa. Crazy!!
    He has now took a temporary position helping to clean up the beaches.
    His WHV expires in June 2012 and I am so worried that he won't find a job before then. He has been out with his CV's but nothing.
    As a parent I feel as though I have let him down, as this was our dream originally and he didn't want to come and was a bit silly. But he has been here nearly two years too and loves it. What can we do to help him. Will immigration send him back to the UK, we his family are here.
    Does anyone have any advice, we can't afford fee's for education as they are triple. I don't want to give up, but I am now really worried about the whole situation.

    Help, if you can. any advice, possible jobs, connections, contacts anything would be good. He is 20 and he just wants to work. Unfortuntely, he does not have experience on his side, however he is a hard worker. He can only gain the experience if someone gives him an opportunity.

    Thanks for taking the time out to read this.
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