Hello everyone!

Just over 6 weeks ago, I left the UK and came to Christchurch, on a WHV for 12 months. I really love Christchurch ... despite the odd wee shake (or 100!), the problem lies in feeling settled, or part of NZ life. I moved over here on my own, with whatever I could cram into a rucksack. I primarily left the UK, as I had ended a 4 year relationship, and I was getting bored of UK life.

I am relatively young still (mid 20's), and my main problem with being here is making friends. I am finding that kiwi's are very friendly .. just not your friend. If that makes sense. It is much harder to break into already established friendships/circles here.

I am in a somewhat fortunate/unfortunate living situation. I live in an amazing house (nr Merivale), no earthquake damage, and with two girls who are very willing to explore and do things with. However, they are both a lot older (well ... mid to late 30's) and I just feel very much out of the loop and not on the same level.

I have an amazing job (permanent, or for 12 months), but again everyone at work is much older (40's-50's), and so I don't do much socialising outside of work with them.

I have been out a few times to various places, and enjoyed it, but I feel quite isolated.

Maybe I've not given it enough time, but it feels a lot tougher to establish friendships than when I moved from Northern Ireland to England.

Apologies for the rant. I couldn't have written it on my blog ... it screams homesickness, and my parents would have been on my case!

Has anyone else experienced this, and how long did it take you to feel settled or a part of the community.