(A) I received three flyers in my email from Settlement Support NZ - I think targeting North Shore area

There are 3 upcoming employment support workshops (FREE) available to new migrants to attend:

1. Auckland Chamber of Commerce New Kiwi Career Success. 27- 29 Feb.
2. Migrant Action Trust Start Right. 24 Feb.
3. Auckland Regional Migrant Services Job Search. 22 Feb.

They all start at 9.30am. You can attend as many as you wish.

(B) Additionally I have just vacated my accommodation which is a single room en suite bathroom washbasin and shower with separate entrance in North Shore for 200/wk due to a sudden job transfer to Wellington.

Separate Kitchen and Laundry. This is in Belmont on North Shore (Auckland)

Please PM me for details of my landlord if you need.