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Thread: Nits!

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    Doyou know - I even know of one mother who proudly tells everyone she douses her child's hair in Kerosene when she gets nits.

    Well funny you should say that ,but the chemist said that people here in the far north are restorting to thoses type of measures. He, of course ,suggested NOT to do it. Better to itch, then have your little person intoxicted by some horrible chemicals.

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    I hate Nits just the thought of them make me itch especially seen as when ever our little cherub gets them he manages to share them with me.

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    I feel quite left out - I never had nits as a child despite having long hair back in the seventies.

    No danger of nits now - any selfrespecting nit would consider my head to be social housing at best.

    Jon Waiheke

    Nitless and hairless

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    Never had nits as a child, but Rhiannon got them at school 2 years ago, she has long blond hair, but ohh so much of it, the hairdresser regulary thins it out.

    We used a shampoo to get rid of it then, but found that the hour of sits and carefully checking every inch of her head was better. Manually getting rid of them, I think I was quite lucky and caught them early. 2 weeks of work and she was free (my head meanwhile had little sores where I kept attacking it with a nit combe, just incase).

    As well as doing her hair, all her toys and pillows etc, went in the freezer for a few hours, and I put her duvet in the sun. (nits don't like ultraviolet light).

    Rhiannon has not had nits since, as she never ever has her hair down at school I learnt how to do French plats, it's strange in the holidays to see here with her hair down. Tea tree conditioner and shampoos, and I also heard lavender oil in the hair is good as a prevention when they are about. They don't like the smell.

    I like to think that there is a reason for every creature in the world, they all do something good, but CANNOT think of any reason why Nits or wasps should be allowed to be here.

    Some schools in US, and now UK are having Nit busting weeks at school where parents are sent letters asking for a period of 2 weeks to check their kids hair everyday and remove any nits. When you get the whole school involved, like that it can clear a school up for about a term. (Does not take account of the kids whose parents don't care unfortunatley).

    Fingers crossed for a nit free year for you all.

    Ahh my head it itchy now, (like the new edit function instead of having to do another post).

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