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Thread: Probably just wasted the next four months because of a medicals delay.

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    Exclamation Probably just wasted the next four months because of a medicals delay.

    Hi all,
    This is my first post here and I just thought i'd ask for some of your thoughts. I'm an 18 year old student that was supposed to be at the University of Auckland ten days ago. I've already missed most of my Orientation, and two days from now a tuition payment deadline looms. I can't pay without at least an Approved in Principle. and the latest I could push getting there is the end of this month, at which point i'll have to postpone my arrival to semester two in june-july. Its been a month since we submitted the application, and we were told it went to the Bangkok branch on the 31st. A few days later we received an email that informed us that I had to wait for my medicals to be evaluated. I have very mild psoriasis and even attached my dermatologists opinion to my case. Does anyone know if this is an Acceptable Standard of Health issue?
    I emailed NZ immigration about it and they said the CO would be able to take that into account, but since NZ medical assessment is an independent body, they are powerless to do anything, and that we will 'just have to wait'. Does anyone know someone that's gotten a student visa with this condition and if so, how long it took for the visa? I'm just so disappointed, and can only blame myself for not applying earlier.
    Thanks for any information in advance,

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    Hello and welcome.

    All the 'acceptable standard of health' issues are based on the person not costing the New Zealand Health Service too much in the life of their visa, so you should eventually be fine as you say you have just a mild case (and, I'm assuming, the medication doesn't cost the earth - that will be the crucial factor). They're quite right that the MAs are an independent body. Time turn-around to hear back from them is commonly three weeks to a month. I do hope they're satisfied with your doctor's report, but be aware that the MA is entitled to ask for any tests, checks by a specialist, and further reports that they need in order to feel fully informed on a case - for some people, there have been several messages to and fro. Good luck that yours will be a straightforward case.

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    As far as I read the OP, it is not about applying for redsidence but for a student visa?!
    Still there needs to be medicals done and they have to be cleared, if there are any doubts, by a medical assesor.

    I feel sorry for you, Zephyr, but have to say that end of january probably was really a little too late to apply, since around that time of the year especially there are many people applying for student visa or extension of those.
    Good luck, anyway....., hope you get a positive answer soon!

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