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Thread: 4 weeks to Chch

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    Default 4 weeks to Chch

    Flights booked to Chch 4 June!!!
    And we're starting the moving process. We have to choose between NZ Van Lines and Crown Relo. Employer will pay for everything, but which do you think has the better service?
    We are very excited and anxious!
    Ed, Maries, Melissa

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunot View Post
    ...NZ Van Lines...
    While we used PSS to pack up our household possessions in the UK they were delivered and unpacked by NZ Van Lines. Twice as we used them when we moved from the North Shore to Waimauku.

    Great bunch of lads who were moving large boxes and furniture like it was made of polystyrene! My wife was unsure about where to place various items of furniture in the living room and two of the lads repeatedly moved then moved again items until she was happy without questioning any request.

    As we used NZ Van Lines twice, then wouldn't hesitate to use them again! Good luck with your move and enjoy the experience which ever company you use.

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