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Thread: Which Internet Provider to choose in AKL?

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    Default Which Internet Provider to choose in AKL?

    Hi Guys,
    Which Internet service provider is value for money? I need good speed (alteast 1Mbps speed and 50 GB). Currently telstraclear (75 montly plan) looks decent?
    Any suggestions will be helpful.


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    Hi and welcome in Auckland,

    I'm on Snap and I'm really happy with them - I'm on Naked broadband (limit 10GB) for $60 per month - you can purchase additional data (they have new and IMO nice pricing from last week) for another $15 you get +60GB (so 70GB in total), the speed is fine (I get 1MB+ downloading from Europe), you can purchase Google addon (for no-limit data from Google services aka Gmail,Youtube for $5 per month).

    I really like the idea to pay $60 per month as a base and when I decide to upgrade I can do that just for one month (BTW you can get 550GB per month for +$70 -> $130 at total)

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    Do NOT use Telstra..we have nothing but trouble with them over past 8 months and are just about to change. Poor replies to issues, poor service, dropped connections multiple times and very slow internet speeds..remins me of dial up!!!!!

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    We are with Telecom with a home broadband package and they have just doubled our broadband from 60gb to 120gb with no extra charge.I have no problems with broadband speeds. We may now reduce our package as we do not use anywhere near 120gb so we will save money there.On the other hand I know of people who have had problems with Telecom but we have had no problems.

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