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Thread: Best company for shipping a couple of boxes from UK (Huddersfield) to NZ (Auckland)

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    Default Best company for shipping a couple of boxes from UK (Huddersfield) to NZ (Auckland)


    I've enough stuff to fill a couple of boxes (4ft x 3ft x 3ft very approx) but not sure who to ship with - has anyone any experience/advise please - or maybe someone in West Yorkshire or Greater Manchester has a space in a container going to Auckland in the next month?

    Edit - Anglo Pacific quote me 180 for two standard boxes and a golf club carton. PSSRemovals 209.
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    I've had good experience with these people.

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    Don't use DHL!

    We paid around 300 to have some essentials (55kg ahem...) air freighted to tide us over until the container arrives. Paid extra to ensure it was here in NZ before we arrived, but was it?? Of course not.

    Ended up leaving the UK after us and we only just received it yesterday, 3 weeks late. After it had been stuck in Customs in Auckland (DHL tried to get another 100+ out of us to clear it, omitting to add I could do it myself for 20 - cheeky cheeky) for 2 weeks, it was finally delivered. To the wrong address. Another 24hrs and it turned up in the right place.

    Poor 14mth old daughter had to make do with a couple of books and a peg basket to keep her busy until her toys turned up!

    D-H-Hell. Avoid at all costs.

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