HI There, wondering if I could get any help on my situation here.

I have been in NZ on a Work Visa since 2009,this was kind of a secondment to NZ, meaning that I would be transfered back to my home employer after my project has completed .Now I have a job offer from another company and want to take up this oppurtunity.I have applied for Variation Of Condition to change my employer however I am too skeptical about it coming through, and strongly assume the officer would ask me to file a new work visa.

If this happens would I need a NZQA assessment when applying for a new work visa ? I did not had to do it for my earlier WV applications and extensions. I have over three years of NZ experience wouldnt this suffice..?

My ANZSCO code would be 261111 ICT Business Analyst

The problem is I have do not have enough time to have my qual assessed,and would probably be loosing the offer,has anyone been in a similar kind of situation...very curious to know..

Many Thanks