I've got what I wanted the blue sticker in my passport (AAAARGGGHHHH) and my flight is booked for 17 June, however the reality of finding somewhere to live is even scarier particularly because I need somewhere of moderate cost. I remember moving to London UK endlessly phoning estate agencies, I even looked at a converted public toilet on an ex-council estate for 1000 pcm, to be honest I nearly gave up and went back to Manchester :-)

So I'm wondering if any of you good people know of any rooms to rent/ houseshares/ caravans/ farm outbuildings for a month or so with a view with extension if the location suits my needs, to be honest it has to be of moderate cost since for the first few weeks I will be attending interviews and going on balloon trips etc. More information about me given below if you are in a position to offer this stray a home.

Thanks for your help again.


Geotechnical engineer, Ex-builder (back-up job), 35yo, male, UK, very clean and tidy although I do big cleans rather than regular messing about, not into partying prefer to eat out, many interests such as sailing, fishing, camping, eat late at night say 10pm, smoke but don't mind going outside.
I don't respond well to being criticised or told when to do things- I remember my aunty chucked me out because I left the pan in the sink to soak overnight mainly because I'd over-eaten and I was adament I would not wash it til the next morning lol