Hi everyone,
We are not regular writers but we are regular readers! and fortunately up until now we have found all the information we have needed off the forum without really having to ask any questions.
Anyway we are now at the stage where we are filling in our ITA's, we decided to apply seperately as it is easier than proving your a couple that aren't married!
What i would like to ask is, i did my city and guilds 15 years ago and apparently they don't need to be verified if they were done at a place on their recognised list, but all i can find is universitys. I did mechanics so these were done at a college. Has anyone else been in this situation? Also the ITA says my apprenticeship has to be with a recognised body! Well as far as i'm aware you do your apprenticeship with a firm who send you to college to gain the necessary qualifications.
Can anyone give me any advice on the best way forward?
thank you