Has anyone on the forum ever helped you by PM?

Has anyone ever posted something you've found useful or has cheered you up?

Please spread a little happiness by enhancing their reputation.

As you know, the aeroplanes from the old forum have been replaced by the small green square(s).

The idea is that if someone makes a good / helpful / inspiring? post or has assisted you in some way, you can use the scales symbol at the top of the post and add to their reputation.

The more reputation points you get, the more green squares you get.

So please take a few minutes and find posts made by people whose previous posts you have found useful and add to their reputations. It costs you nothing to add to anyone else's reputation. (The rep points you give are not deducted from your own points.)

It takes about 2 seconds to add to someone's reputation, so try to spread a little happiness every day.