Hi All,

Just wanted to give some pointers regarding car shipping and the certification to allow the car onto NZ roads.

This is particularly relevant if your car has been used on roads in countries spreading salt during winter like UK and most of Europe.

Our Saab (04) low mileage arrived this week and was delivered to AA testing Centre. It failed the WOF as it has some rust on the underside, these are the exposed hard metal parts like bolts and swing arms etc. The rust is superficial. This will now be taken to a panel beater and hopefully it can be wire brushed and then treated with Waxoyl. The car has never had any advisories in the UK on any of its MOTs, so we did not suspect it would fail the WOF. According to the chap at the AA 95% of the cars from the UK fail the WOF because of this.

A little unhappy about this as I am still in the UK and my wife has to deal with this, and I am hoping it is not a case of "lets see how much we can push this".

Hopefully this is the last hurdle now, will keep you updated.