Good day to all!

Recently, I've got a verbal offer (contract on its way) under the JSV (Job Search Visa). What is the next step to do after accepting the offer? Should I inform my previous case officer about this or a new case officer will be assigned once I lodge my application for residence visa?

I have some questions in mind about the requirements under JSV. Under JSV, it is stated that I should gain an offer of skilled employment. My previous experience is on ICT Business Analyst role but the offer I have is on ICT Support Engineer role. I have BS Computer Engineering qualification.

In the Operational Manual, skilled employment is defined as the following:

The occupation is included in part A of the List of Skilled Occupations held at Appendix 6
and the principal applicant can demonstrate that their offer of employment or current
employment substantially matches the description for that occupation (including core
tasks) as set out in the ANZSCO and:

i: the applicant holds a relevant recognised qualification which is at, or above, the
qualification level on the NZQF (see SM14.5) that corresponds to the indicative skill
level described for that occupation in the ANZSCO;

The job description I'm getting is aligned with ANZSCO under the ICT Support Engineer role and I have a qualification of B.S. Computer Engineering. I would like to ask if my offer (JD) and qualification satisfy the definition of a skilled employment?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.