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    So...what do you know, it turns out that the car we bought a few weeks ago needs a cam belt change. Got to love those Japanese imports...

    Anyhoo, we rung around and got a few quotes from various garages and got wildly differing prices. In the end we plumped for the one who serviced the car, plus we can earn AA Smartfuel points. I had heard that Kiwis tend to haggle prices down on a lot of things, so I thought I would take my chance and try it out. Well, I wouldn't really call that haggling - I asked for a discount, he gave one. Easy peasy!

    Fair enough, it's not a huge amount but it will pay for fruit and veggies at the market tomorrow, plus a few treats from the lovely French bakery afterwards.

    Now, if only we had known all this when we bought the car.....hmmmm.

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    If you bought the car from a dealer and the cam belt was faulty (as opposed to due for a change due to service interval, I guess) they will need to put it right (see s) - the consumer quarantees act is a bit like the sale of goods act in the UK but the "guarantee" period is longer - we bought a new washing machine that broke (main circuit board went) at just under 3 years of age (2 year manufacturers warranty) and the shop supplying it replaced it (with another model as that company no longer supplied the NZ market) - did take a bit of prompting but the period the cover applies to is what a reasonable consumer would expect - something like 5 years for a washing machine. So if the car was faulty at purchase and it was from a dealer, you should have some comeback.

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    Good, this haggling, isn't it?

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