Hi Forum

Just wondering if NZ has digital radio, and if it does will a UK digital radio work there? I'm not fussed about getting UK radio signal, even though i've heard NZ radio is not great, (but we're not moving there for great radio) and i just want some music on in the background while i'm pottering around the house.

Also, i'm looking at buying a new ipod dock/speakers, and i'd like to know how prices compare to the UK? My plan at the minute is to buy one here and ship it, but if there's not much price difference then i'll just wait until we get out there and buy one there. I have had a look using the search facility for answers to these questions, but the threads it brings up are all quite old so i thought i'd ask again.


P.S. I did ask a pretty random question in another thread but got no replies so i'll tag it on the end here and hope to get lucky; does anybody know if plumbing fittings/pipe sizes etc. in NZ are the same as in the UK? I've got quite a few plumbing tools and i'm not sure if they are worth bringing or putting on the car boot sale?