Hello all,

I am a Chemical Engineer that graduated at the end of 2013. My wife has her masters degree in biokinetics with almost 7 years of experience. We have been married for almost 2 years.

We really want to emigrate to New Zealand, but have to make a decision in a very short time. I have received an offer/bursary to work while doing my masters degree in South Africa. The problem we have is that the offer, although good, will bind me to South Africa for a long time. I have about two weeks to make a decision.

We were thinking that I should go to New Zealand in the next month or so to be available for job interviews etc. while my wife keeps on earning money on this side. What are the chances of New Zealand employers hiring a newly graduated chemical engineer from another country? Also how in demand are biokineticists in New Zealand?

A suitable job offer for either me or my wife is what we need to be accepted as skilled migrants.

So what you recommend to get the process started?

Thank you in advance