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    Hi All,

    Looked on NZIS an cant find any info so thought I would ask here.

    There is a chance our son maybe offered a position in our local bakery and if so the owner is happy to train him up from scratch to be a baker.

    He is on a 23 month WHV and currently working in retail, his 12 months employment is up in February 2013. He would ideally like to continue in this job but its not skilled so no work visa will be issued.

    What we want to know is, if he begins training as a baker, what, if any, visa could he apply for?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Not sure if that is the right answer- but wouldn't that be a student visa? Again, not sure, but there used to be apprenticeships as in other countries (in Germany, for example, you are trained on the job and attend school either in blocks or once/ twice a week), they were gone for a time but as far as I know came back...., if you train as a chef and don't attend Polytech, you will work in a kitchen and attend the nearest Polytech to gain credits/ pass assessments (our son did that). so it would be a mix of work and school, but since the aim is gaining an education, a student visa would come closest, I would think?!
    Probably INZ would be the best place to ask?

    Ups, just read your first sentence again..., I thought about calling them

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