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Thread: Can I use my European degree in New Zealand?

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    Default Can I use my European degree in New Zealand?

    I graduated as a master of physiotherapy at a reputable university in Belgium.

    I'm coming to New Zealand in february 2013, hoping to gain some working experience and life experience.
    Am I destined to do jobs that don't require any degrees or can I work at the level I'm qualified for?

    Also, I'm currently traveling with a working holiday visa in Australia. When should I apply for a working holiday VISA for New Zealand?
    Does it take long before the request gets approved or do I have different options?

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    If you want to work as a physiotherapist in NZ, you have to be registered - see the official website.

    If you will be in NZ on a WHV, notice that you are not allowed to accept a permanent position without having applied for and obtained a work visa. There are more details about the formalities here. I haven't heard of a Belgian going through this process before, so can't help you with the time-lag - you could ask INZ themselves.

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