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Thread: Your migration experience (looking for participants for project)

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    Default Your migration experience (looking for participants for project)

    Hello everyone!

    I thought I'd post this here as well since it relates more to this topic. I hope this isn't considered spamming? I don't go on forums a lot, haha.

    I've just posted in the introduction thread a call for help ( with a project I'm doing on retirement migration to the Hawke's Bay. I'm looking for some kind people who live in the Hawke's Bay who would be willing to give up an hour or two to talk about what it was like for them to move to New Zealand, how they came to feel at home, how they deal with having two or more national identities (if you do at all!), and so on. If you can think of someone who might be interested I would love to be put in touch with them, or if you just spread the word about this to them that would be great!

    It would be an informal chat (with me taking some notes) and any information you give would be kept totally anonymous. Again, I'm looking for people living in the Hawke's Bay (as that is where our field trip will be to) and who are retired (whether they came here specifically to retire or whether that has happened since). Our class will be in the Hawke's Bay Monday to Friday next week (27 to 31st August) and a face to face chat would be really appreciated (as you have to sign a consent form to make sure I am doing my job properly!), anywhere you feel comfortable meeting is fine. It would be really informal and I would basically just want to hear whatever you have to say on a few topics around your migration and your life now.

    This is for an undergraduate geography class at the Unviersity of Auckland, all information given will be kept totally anonymous, you can request to be taken out of the research at any time, you can request the final paper to read after it has been submitted in October. I will happily send out participant information sheets if you would like to read them in advance, so please ask if you have reservations. Approved by the University of Auckland Human Partcipants Ethics Committee on 19 August, 2009. Reference 2009/C/025.

    If you have any questions please ask! You can contact me via this thread or PM me your email if you prefer (I'm not really familiar with the PM system yet but I'm assuming I can still get them even if I can't send them until I post 5 things? :P)

    Thanks for any help you can give! *fingers crossed*

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    As I've answered on your other thread - bump up your posts to five with one-word answers.

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