I recently graduated as a physiotherapist in Belgium.
It's a high value degree (3 bachelor and 2 master years) from a very reputable university, but it seems that any country outside of Europe requires me to do exams if I want to get approved.
Exams that cost a lot of money to take, and once I pass it takes a long time before I can actually work with it.

I am currently doing random jobs in Australia, because minimum wage is still 18AUD/hour and I can save money this way.
I keep wondering if I should extend my VISA in Australia or not. It's a nice country but it's very hard to start working as a physio here.
Therefore I am tempted not to extend my VISA and start a physiotherapy career in New Zealand.


Many friends that I met in Australia have been traveling in New Zealand and they all tell me it is ridiculously expensive to live there.
Expenses are similar to Australia and the wages are a lot lower.

I am not planning to waste all my savings in New Zealand in the period that I am not employed as a physiotherapist.
It is simply too much of a risk.

What is my best strategy? I simply can't figure it out because I have no life experience in New Zealand.

What places are good for employment until my degree is approved? What places are affordable to live and what places aren't?
What is the exact minimum wage for the random jobs I'll have to do until my uni degree is approved?